Dump Fury

Olusosun landfill, Ojota Lagos

On the 14th of March 2018, at about 3pm...
The Landfill (frequently in the news for its notorious environmental concerns- stench and assault to the face of a mega-city becoming) went up in flames. A part of it.

There are mixed reports as to how the fire started. Some believe it was intentionally lit up to de-congest the space a tad bit so it doesn't overtake the whole area literally. However, the state government in their report made it clear that the fire was not intentionally set off by anyone- that the heat reacted with the gases from the fill and that's how the flames came about. They promised the landfill was going to be relocated as well.

The reaction of the government to quell the fire is commendable however pollution is not a joke, so it requires more than reactive measures. We all need to be proactive about it. They were reports of students in nearby structures dispersed due to the smoke- some got injured. Thankfully, there were no fatal casualties- at least not in the immediate. The massive doses of gases inhaled by the thousands that call the landfill home, and hundred of thousands more that live around or do any business around that environment might be a cause of worry in the nearest future.

There is that- and there is the continuous irreparable damage those fumes et gases cause to the ozone layer. It always does seem like a joke till the joke is on us- humans.

Mankind needs to be and do better!

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